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EMC/EMI Contact Strips from Beryllium Copper

EMC/EMI Contact Strips from Beryllium Copper


Thanks to their outstanding material and electrical characteristics, beryllium copper finger stock in various shapes and dimensions are used for applications in nearly all industry sectors. The beryllium copper (CuBe2) processed by Feuerherdt is a quality-controlled and precipitation-hardened spring material with excellent properties regarding yield, tensile and fatigue strength as well as good electrical conductivity and high resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Good thermal conductivity coupled with hardness eliminates sparking. Beryllium copper is non-magnetic and has an excellent temperature performance.

Depending upon the specific types, beryllium copper fingers are available in standard lengths, endless on rolls, as pre-shaped contact ring or cut-to-length according to our customers` requirements. The parts can also be plated with tin, zinc, nickel, gold or silver finish.

Beryllium copper ist not classified as environmentally hazardous. According to US field studies, beryllium copper is not a material of environmental significance. This result is supported by an independent laboratory test in the EU. Beryllium copper with a max. share of 2 % beryllium is an inert raw material with no proven effect on the environment. Only inhalation of beryllium gases, vapours and dust can damage the respiratory system and lungs.