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Corporate philosophy

In a fast-changing and highly technological world our innovative products have a key role:
without customized shielding solutions, cutting edge technologies might lose or never gain permission to be sold on the market.
Feuerherdt GmbH, located in Berlin, develops, produces and sells top of the line „Made in Germany“ products since 1989 and is considered as a leading EMC specialist globally.  
We have a strong relationship with our quality conscious business partners, that is based on fairness, trust and reliability. There are no challenges that we cannot overcome together as a team.  
Satisfied customers are our number one priority – no matter if we talk about unconventional custom made products, research projects, prototyping, small series or superior mass production.
With Feuerherdt as your partner, you will pass any EMC test at an early stage and are in the position to find the perfect solution for each individual project!
Respect and appreciation for mankind and mother nature is a matter of course and a fantastic team of our highly qualified and engaged employees are forming the basis and key factor of our success story.
Quality in every aspect is our main focus at Feuerherdt – this has been our philosophy for 30 years and will never change.

Our company is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Feuerherdt GmbH - contact strips - Iso 9001

Made in Berlin - Made in Germany

Feuerherdt GmbH is a Berlin-based enterprise, with its headquarters and manufacturing locations in Berlin. The company was founded in West-Berlin before the wall came down. Despite the difficult economic situation after the German reunification, the company decided to hold on to its location. Also in the future, we will continue to produce and sell our products from Berlin to the world.

Our dedicated employees in particular are a key asset of our company. Excellently trained and highly motivated people, recruited in greater Berlin area, are guaranteeing our sustainable top quality.

“Made in Germany“ stands for outstanding engineering  – “Made in Berlin“ stands for our commitment to a city, that just seems to be tailor-made for our needs.

Feuerherdt is proud to promote Germany as an investment and industrial location at the same time. We are paying our taxes here and are part of the success stories written by German medium-sized companies.

Not to relocate production to a low-wage country has been a conscious decision, because this would be inconsistent with our -and our customers - quality standards. Instead, we take responsibility for our employees, our role in modern society and the generations to come.