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Further product ranges

Further product ranges

Further product ranges
As there are numerous possibilities to solve shielding problems, Feuerherdt also offers a wide range of other products such as shielded windows, honeycomb vents, conductive paints and form-in-place gaskets.

Please give us a call – our competent team will support you by solving any of your EMI problems.

Honeycomb filter for airflow shielding

•    steel and aluminium
•    framed or frameless
•    specifically for your application
dimensions, airflow and shielding values
•    emi-dustfilter

shielded panes for displays and shielded rooms

•    glass or polycarbonate        
•    shielding material mesh         
•    silver busbar for electrical contact    
•    pre-assembled for your application
•    – incl. layers and boreholes

Special casings

•    Curcuit board casings manufactured after customer specific designs  and customer wishes

Conductive lacquers
•    We have a selection of conductive lacquers for spray-on or paint-on with a variaty of fillers.

Conductive dispense seals made from silicone
with silver/copper filler

•    Dispensed on foil or directly on your product
•    Individualised profiles, suitable for  complicated geometries

•    Cost-efficient already from prototyping


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